Welcome to my headache!

In the hours, days, and years of attempting to write out my life story, failure has been a constant companion.  Fear of being seen, not being heard, being weighed down by the story- maybe even a fear of being free from it all as scared me away from just telling the damn truth.  It's made my head hurt.  After working at a manuscript and trying to construct an interactive blog to help others I've finally decided "SCREW IT".  I'm just going to start at now and work my own way through the bullshit.  Wanna come along?

ok -here we goes.
Wait.  I really do have a headache.  I haven't eaten yet today- so I'm gonna go swallow a sammich. (I also haven't bathed, dressed, or gone to work.  But to hell with all of that.)        I'll be right back.