When in Cin City the grilled cheese & wieners are all I want.

I shall have neither this weekend.  There will be none of the Best Cincinnati has to offer for this lone traveler.    My company booked me in the same hotel that's hosting the conference I'm attending.
There's no baseball, no football, no gambling, but I suspect plenty of booze.   The only alcohol I want is some NyQuil.  Perusing the local Activities Guide, I found this...

Check out these wieners!

A wiener race 🏁.  Wiener dogs in wiener costumes. I've died and gone to wiener heaven.
How awesome is that?!
I don't know how awesome because this happy celebration was last month.

It's probably for the best. I'm here on business and I'm not feeling well. I'd hate to have to explain to my boss that I was too sick for the conference but well enough for wieners.

If only I could get some chicken noodle soup...
And grilled cheese -all I really need right now.
Also not available.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese/meltbarandgrilled it's  A national treasure.  Awesome stuff.  But they don't deliver to this hotel.
I'm pretty sure I can't expense a cab ride to the grilled cheese bar. Besides I can hardly stand upright.
It's ironic because last time I was in Hilton Head Island everyone else visiting there was from Ohio.
Why can't the Queen City show me some love?  Or at least it's wieners....