How should I know?

How do I know what I think unless I write?
Somebody famous said that.  Or someone's professor.  Or therapist.
Somebody said it and I heard it on the radio today.

It's interesting for a few reasons:

  • It sounds like something ridiculous I would think.  Of course, I wouldn't have said it out loud because it sounds like crazy talk.
  • Wise people think through their thoughts and know what they are trying to articulate.  And they can also write too.
  • It's the truest statement I've heard. 

I love to read ramblings of people I don't know.  Occasionally I think, "Wow, that's a really interesting story/valid point/hilarious observation.  Sometimes when I get to the name of the author I'm stunned to realize it was me. 
Reading back through things I've written, sometimes I'm amazed.  That could be because my brain does it's own thing sometimes when I'm not trying too hard.  I've wondered if there's more going on in my head than I'm willing or able to process.  There is also a distinct possibility that I'm channeling some alien.
I only write when I have insomnia. So, there's that.

It really doesn't matter if anyone reads any of what I write.  It's really only to help me figure out what I think.